Ecomm Masterclass 2022

Developed by Kallada Academy, Ecomm Masterclass 2022 is a comprehensive and beginner-friendly course on eCommerce marketing. The robust curriculum covers a vast range of topics – from product research and store setup to SEO and Facebook marketing. A strategic combination of video-based lectures and practical sessions is used to create a hands-on experience for students. Plus it’s been designed keeping in mind the needs of both entrepreneurs and job seekers

What Is Covered:

What We Cover

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Product Research

The course begins with the most crucial aspect of eCommerce business – selecting the right niche and product. You’ll learn to define your target audience, conduct online surveys, and carry out market research to identify a profitable niche. You’ll also learn techniques to validate and improve your idea to ensure that it finds traction.

Store Setup

Your online store is the face of your eCommerce business. You’ll learn to use simple tools to create a fast, secure, mobile-responsive, and user-friendly website and set up an online store using WordPress. From purchasing a domain and hosting service to configuring WooCommerce and installing SSL certificates – the course covers everything.

Accepting Payments

You can’t build an eCommerce store without integrating a simple and hassle-free payment gateway. This course teaches you to outline a customer-friendly payment policy and set up payment using Instamojo. You’ll learn the steps to get your business accepted on Instamojo and sell your products using the gateway. The course also walks you through setting up GST and shipping charges

Ecommerce SEO

You’ll get a comprehensive overview of the SEO best practices to skyrocket your eCommerce stores to top of search engine results pages (SERPs). The course covers various aspects of SEO – from keyword research and on-page optimization to link building and off-page optimization. You’ll also learn useful tips and tricks to optimize your site architecture.

Facebook Marketing

What is a new-age eCommerce store with an active and engaging Facebook page? A powerful Facebook marketing strategy is instrumental in attracting potential customers to your online store. From creating a Facebook Page and configuring Facebook Pixels to executing and monitoring conversion campaigns using Ads Manager – this course covers everything.


Your shipping policy and service can make or break your eCommerce business. This course takes you through the nitty-gritty of developing a straightforward and customer-friendly shipping policy and setting up various shipping options on your website. You’ll also learn the best practices and useful tips to coordinate and track the shipping and delivery of various orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are You Offering The Course At Such A Low Price? Is this Fake?

Kallada Academy is an education company based in Bangalore. We have recently received funding and at present, our priority is capturing Indian Market. This is the reason why we are able to provide this course at such a low price. If you still have doubts, please see our Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews.

How Long Is The Course? What Is The Teaching Process?

Masters In Digital Marketing is designed as a 3 Month course. 

When Can I Take This Course? Is There Any Timings?

You can take this course at any time at anyplace. All your study materials will be pre recorded videos. We also provide you email support if you have any doubts.

What's the validity of the course?

Your course is valid for one year. You can finish this course anytime in this one year.

What If I Am Not Satisfied With The Course?

We offer a no questions asked, 15 days refund guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our course, drop us an email in the first 30 days and we will issue you a refund immediately.

Can I Start An Ecommerce Business After Course Completion?

Offcourse you can. That is the main aim of this course. We assure you that by the end of this course you will be able to start an online store.

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Module 1: Getting Started With Ecommerce Business

  • Introduction To Ecommerce Business
  • Ecommerce Business Models
  • Criteria For Choosing A Niche
  • How to Get Product Ideas For Your Store
  • Guidelines To Choose A Product

  • Module 2: Graphic Design For Business Owners

  • Creating a Logo For Your Business
  • Making Images Transparent
  • Reducing the size of Images

  • Module 3: Website Planning And Creation

  • Buying a Website and Hosting
  • Installing A SSL Certificate
  • Installing WordPress
  • Choosing a Design For Your Store
  • Woocommerce Walkthrough

  • Module 4: Setting Up Your Store

  • Adding Products To Your Store
  • Getting Content Written For Your Store
  • Setting Up Your Homepage
  • Elementor Tutorial
  • Setting Up Menus On Your Store
  • Adding Whatsapp Chat Support To Your Store
  • Building Up Credibility For Your Store
  • Setting Up Security Measures For Your Store

  • Module 5: Ecommerce SEO

  • Keyword Research For Ecommerce Stores
  • Setting Up Website Architecture
  • On Page Optimization – 1
  • On Page Optimization – 2
  • Building Links To Your Site

  • Module 6: Payments And Shipping

  • Getting Accepted In Instamojo
  • Setting Up Payment Gateway on Your Website
  • Selling Digital Products On Instamojo
  • Offering Cash On Delivery To Your Customers
  • Setting Up GST on Your Products
  • Setting Up Shipping Charges For Your Products

  • Module 7: Promoting Your Product On Facebook

  • Creating And Setting Up A Facebook Page
  • Creating a Facebook Ads Account
  • Setting Up Facebook Pixels
  • Running A Conversion Campaign On Facebook
  • How To Contact Facebook Ad Support[Live Chat]
  • Basic Guidelines For Running Ads For Ecommerce Stores
  • Remarketing Ads

  • What People Are Saying

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